Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Higher Self: Improvement through Authentic Leadership

"A Higher Self is an organisational development company that specialises in Authentic Leadership. Our human resource development approach is professional, multi-dimensional and unique"
- Kim Elkovich

The A Higher Self website is a great resource for how leadership and culture affect your environment. This is especially true in my experiences in the professional world, where business executives and the culture they instill for their company affect everyone that works there.

The Onion Skin Model

From Kim's blog: 
"develop values and beliefs that support them in their immediate world. They learn Unfortunately, this conditioning takes them away from who they really are – the authentic self."

Very interesting stuff! If you're in the business world, I think it's definitely something worth looking into. I love reading about holistic approaches to modern day problems - and A Higher Self is exactly that!

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